How do I start bikejoring?

Question #1 – the first I get asked before anything else by newcomers. Just, how do I go about starting out with my pup?

So, this is a question with a LOT of answers. There’s not just one place to start, there’s a web of considerations and decisions to make. I’ve split this down in to the core sections below, with the opportunity to read more on each topic:

How do I get my dog ready for bikejoring?

Getting your dog ready for bikejor can sound intimidating, but really, it’s just about following some logical steps and guidance. Only you can determine if your dog is truly ready and suited to the sport, but to help you out click the link below to work out exactly how ready your dog is.

Is my dog ready for bikejor?

How do I get myself ready for bikejoring?

You can ride a bike,  so you’re ready, right? Well…yes and no. A bit of mental preparation might take you further than you think.

Am I ready for bikejor?

How do I get my bike ready for bikejoring?

Do you need a new bike to start bikejor? Probably not, but there’s a few bits that do need to be up to scratch, and a couple of extra bits of kit you might not have thought of.

Is my bike ready for bikejor?

Once my dog, myself and my bike are ready to bikejor…what’s next?

Awesome! You made it this far…just a couple minor points to go. It’s all about location, location, location.

Can I bikejor now?